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New York Real Estate Glossary C
(Collateral Loan - Concurrent Ownership)

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Collateral Loan
Loan secured by the pledge of specific collateral such a borrowing $30,000 against a savings account of $60,000.

Collateral Security
Additional security supplied by borrower to obtain a loan.

Commercial Bank
A financial institution, providing business loans, credit cards, checking and saving accounts, etc. Commercial banks are the largest financial intermediaries directly involved in the financing of real estate.

Commercial Broker
Real estate broker who specializes in the listing and selling of commercial property such as businesses, industrial, apartments, office buildings, etc.

Commercial Listing
Lists of business properties.

Commercial Property
Business property, such as office buildings, medical centers, hotels, stores, etc., which are intended to operate with a profit.

Commercial Real Estate
Real estate usable in a trade or business.

Community Property
A classification of property peculiar to certain states and referring to property accumulated through the efforts of both husband and wife.

Distance and time between a person's workplace and home.

Comparative Market Analysis
The estimated value of property based on the comparison of like properties.

Concurrent Ownership
Ownership in a property by two or more owners, simultaneously.