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New York Real Estate Glossary D
(Days on the Market - Delinquent Mortgage)

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Days on the Market
Period of time a property is listed for sale prior to being sold or removed.

Dead End Street
Street that terminates at one end has only one outlet and is not a through street.

An amount owed from one to another.

Debt Financing
The raising of money by loans and borrowing directly from financial institutions, providing increased financial leverage. Interest may be tax deductible.

Declining Market
Market condition in which there are more sellers than buyers, causing prices to fall.

De Facto
Latin for "in deed, in fact, in reality" Refers to a fact or an act that occurs as a matter of practice and reality rather than from de jure, meaning a lawfully and rightfully occurring act.

Deferred Payments
Money payments to be delayed for a future date or extended period of time.

Delinquent Mortgage
A mortgage involving a borrower who is behind on payments. If the borrower does not bring the mortgage to date with a specified amount of time, the lender may begin foreclosure proceedings.