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New York Real Estate Glossary E
(Early Occupancy - Environmentally Friendly Construction)

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Early Occupancy
Occupation of the property, by the buyer, before the sale is completed.

Rights given, to another party, to use a portion of a property that belongs to someone else, for certain reasons, such as power lines or walkways.

Economic Base Analysis
Appraisal method of deriving property values where the current and future economic conditions are measured in a particular area.

Economic Rent
The amount of rent a property commands in the open market.

Economic Value
Worth of property based on the relevant economic factors.

Economies of Scale
Situation by which the average per square foot cost of construction declines as building size and volume expands.

Effective Gross Income
Additional income considered by a lender in assessing a loan application of a potential borrower.

Effective Interest Rate
Real rate of interest on a loan which is the coupon rate divided by the net proceeds of the loan.

Effective Opening
Smallest diameter of piping at the point of discharge.

Steps taken to remove someone, who does not have a contractual basis to be there, from the real property.

Electric Heating
Electric heat is provided by use of a high-temperature wire, which is resistant to electrical flow with more heat being produced by more electric current being fed into the heating element, creating more resistance and more heat.

Employer-assisted Housing
Program to help employees purchase homes through special plans developed with lenders.

Claim or lien or interest in a property that complicates the title process, interfering with its use or transfer. Restrictive covenants.

End Loan
Conversion of a construction loan to a permanent mortgage, on a multi-unit project, after all units have been completed.

Environmentally Friendly Construction
Use of recycled material in construction.