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New York Real Estate Glossary G
(Gross Area - Guaranteed Payment Loan)

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Gross Area
The total floor area of a structure, in square feet, measured from the outside.

Gross Income
Total income of a household before expenses and taxes are subtracted.

Gross Lease
Rental in which the lessor pays all operating costs such as taxes, utilities, insurance and maintenance, in addition to the rent.

Gross Margin
Percentage produced when gross profits are divided by total income.

Ground Floor
The floor of a building closest to the building grade.

Ground Lease
Lease of land only.

Ground Plan
View of a plot showing the structures located upon it. Ground Rent Portion of property income earned by the leasing value of the land.

Ground Wire
Also called a grounding conductor, it connects an electrical device to the electrical ground.

A financially binding guaranty assuring that an obligation or contractual agreement will be fulfilled by the guarantor.

Guarantee Mortgage
Loan that is guaranteed by a third party, for example a government institution.

Guaranteed Payment Loan
Assurance that a loan's financial obligation will be secured by a third party.