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New York Real Estate Glossary H
(Holding Company - Hypothecate)

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Holding Company
Company formed for the purpose of owning or controlling other companies.

Holding Funds
Funds retained in an account until a certain event occurs.

Holding Period
The time span of ownership of a real estate investment with the return tied to the time period of the investment for tax purposes, determining whether a profit earned of loss incurred is treated as short or long-term capital gains or losses.

Hollow Wall
Wall with an air space within the wall.

Home Loan
Also known as a mortgage, it is a lien that makes property security for the repayment of a debt, such as the one incurred upon purchase of that home.

Home Ownership
The state of living in a structure that one owns.

Home Warranty
Warranties issued by contractors, sellers and real estate agencies that protect homebuyers from specified defects in a house as per the contract.

Homeowners' Insurance Policy
Type of insurance policy covering the risks of homeowners, including damage, theft, fire, personal liability, etc.

Homeowners' Warranty
Special insurance covering certain home repairs for a specified amount of time.

Housing Code
Federal, state or local government ordinance that sets minimum standards of safety and sanitation for existing residential buildings, as opposed to building codes, which govern new construction.

Housing Starts
Estimate of the number of dwelling units on which construction has begun during a stated period.

Housing Expense Ratio
Percentage of gross monthly income devoted to housing costs.

To pledge real estate as security for a loan without having to give up its possession.